West Virginia Governor’s
Internship Program

Division of Personnel
1900 Kanawha Blvd. E
Building 6, Rm 420

304-558-3950 (Phone)


The Governor's Internship Program is an extraordinary learning experience for college students in West Virginia. Since its creation in 1989, more than 1,300 talented students have participated in 255 rewarding internship experiences in West Virginia. Private businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies may host interns.


The Governor's Internship Program offers high-achieving college students the opportunity to step beyond the classroom into the world of experiential learning by participating in coordinated internships in private businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. Students gain knowledge of the real world work environment, learn valuable communication and leadership skills, obtain experience and gain references for the future. Students may also use the internship experience to evaluate current and future career choices.
Brittany Ireland and Danielle Wentz
Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Air Quality Interns
Brittany Ireland and Danielle Wentz

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