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About West Virginia

West Virginia is noted for its mountains and diverse topography, its historically significant logging and coal mining industries, and its political and labor history. It is one of the most densely karstic areas in the world, making it a choice area for recreational caving and scientific research.


West Virginia is full of opportunity for any business with a growing economy and a highly dedicated workforce. Whether you are running an existing business or thinking of starting a new business you can find all of the information you need throughout this business section.


West Virginia is fortunate to have a tremendous education system with a high standard of excellence. Please use the information provided here to learn more about the wealth of educational opportunities in our great state.


West Virginia is home to one of the finest workforces in the country based on our hard work and commitment to quality. Whether you are looking for new job opportunities, enhancing your job skills or researching future employment trends you can find all of the information you need throughout this employment section.


West Virginia offers the perfect balance of a rural and urban setting that suits a variety of lifestyles. This is a state where you can go whitewater rafting in the morning, go to an art exhibit in the afternoon and attend a concert in the evening. Whether you just moved to the Mountain State or your family has been here since it was founded, you are part of our community.


Maintaining proper health is vital to ensuring the highest quality of life possible. West Virginia strives to provide one of the best health care systems in the country that is affordable and available to all residents of the state. This section contains numerous resources to assist you in accessing the health care services provided in the state.


Exhilarate in the lasting beauty and natural wonder scattered throughout West Virginia. From unmatched outdoor recreation to world-class resorts, breathtaking scenery and a variety of cultural and historic attractions, West Virginia is an ideal spot to plan your next adventure. Discover for yourself what makes West Virginia wild and wonderful.

 October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October 2011 - National Cyber Security Awareness MonthCyber security is our shared responsibility. That means everyone has the potential to make a difference and educate others. You can raise awareness within your community, no matter what your role is.

No individual, business, or government entity is solely responsible for securing the Internet. Everyone has a role in securing their part of cyberspace, including the devices and networks they use. We need to understand that individual actions have a collective impact and when we use the Internet safely we make it more secure for everyone. The actions may differ based on our personal and professional responsibilities. However, if each of us does our part—implementing stronger security practices, raising community awareness, educating young people or training employees—together we will be a more resilient digital society.

Americans can follow a few simple steps to keep themselves, their personal assets, and private information safe online.

The West Virginia Office of Technology is committed to raising information security awareness in both public and private sectors. Below are just a few resources available to help you and your loved ones stay safe online.

Family Links

Technology is a daily part of a child's life, and it is integral that the child, their parents, and teachers be knowledgeable about the dangers lurking online. Use these links below to find local support centers and organizations, parent forums, educational resources, and more!

For Kids & Teens For Parents For Teachers

Sign the Pledge

In the face of online dangers it is important that we remind ourselves of the importance of following good cyber security practices. Cyber Security Is Our Shared Responsibility and by taking proactive steps every day, we can improve our ability to stay safe.

We invite you to join with thousands of other individuals across the country who are asserting their commitment to online safety. By signing the MS-ISAC National Cyber Pledge you are affirming that you will take security seriously and use good practices both at home and at work. The Pledge contest runs through October 31 and is one of the many activities underway in recognition of October as National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

After you sign the pledge, please tell your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors...everyone you can! If we each pledge to do our part to make our piece of cyber space just a little bit more secure, we can truly make a difference in helping protect our nation's cyber security.

Thank you for being a part of this important effort!!

Take The Pledge