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West Virginia is noted for its mountains and diverse topography, its historically significant logging and coal mining industries, and its political and labor history. It is one of the most densely karstic areas in the world, making it a choice area for recreational caving and scientific research.


West Virginia is full of opportunity for any business with a growing economy and a highly dedicated workforce. Whether you are running an existing business or thinking of starting a new business you can find all of the information you need throughout this business section.


West Virginia is fortunate to have a tremendous education system with a high standard of excellence. Please use the information provided here to learn more about the wealth of educational opportunities in our great state.


West Virginia is home to one of the finest workforces in the country based on our hard work and commitment to quality. Whether you are looking for new job opportunities, enhancing your job skills or researching future employment trends you can find all of the information you need throughout this employment section.


West Virginia offers the perfect balance of a rural and urban setting that suits a variety of lifestyles. This is a state where you can go whitewater rafting in the morning, go to an art exhibit in the afternoon and attend a concert in the evening. Whether you just moved to the Mountain State or your family has been here since it was founded, you are part of our community.


Maintaining proper health is vital to ensuring the highest quality of life possible. West Virginia strives to provide one of the best health care systems in the country that is affordable and available to all residents of the state. This section contains numerous resources to assist you in accessing the health care services provided in the state.


Exhilarate in the lasting beauty and natural wonder scattered throughout West Virginia. From unmatched outdoor recreation to world-class resorts, breathtaking scenery and a variety of cultural and historic attractions, West Virginia is an ideal spot to plan your next adventure. Discover for yourself what makes West Virginia wild and wonderful.

 World’s Strongest Men Help Showcase the Best


Perhaps there is nothing that signifies the state of West Virginia more than our beauty and strength.  We are proud of our eye-catching scenery and our people have never shied away from doing the heavy lifting. 

Fortunately, we had two native West Virginians, former World’s Strongest Man Phil Pfister and first-year competitor Brian Siders, who were eager to put their superior physical strength to the test and compete with other athletes from around the globe, right here in our backyard. 

The 2008 Met-Rx World’s Strongest Man contest allowed our state’s characteristics of scenic beauty and physical strength to go on full display for enthusiastic crowds in person, and now, will be shown on television in the international spotlight.

I am so proud of the way the city of Charleston hosted the Strong Man competition this past September.  We had great crowds, great weather and a lot of fun.

I think if you ask the competition officials and organizers, they will confirm that this venue was as successful as any, and the crowds were some of the best ever.

I also believe that this international television coverage will continue to provide positive, worldwide exposure for our capital city and our state.  And I know for a fact that it will be on television for months and months to come!

I want to thank everyone for stepping up and making this event possible in such a short amount of time.  By all accounts, it was a success.

This was a true collaborative effort that allowed an event of this magnitude to operate successfully.  There are many people and groups who deserve recognition: Charleston Mayor Danny Jones and staff, Charleston Convention and Visitors Bureau, University of Charleston, West Virginia Coal Association, Chesapeake Energy, Yeager Airport officials, Executive Air, and the WV Air National Guard, Coonskin Park, IMG Sports Media, ESPN, all event sponsors, all of the state agencies involved, our citizens for your support, and many others. 
I think everyone will be pleased with the quality of the production and the way the Mountain State is portrayed on the upcoming television airings. 

My hope is that we are able to make a positive impression for the millions of viewers and living rooms this program reaches.  It was a rare opportunity and we took advantage of it.  And I am really excited to see the results.

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