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Labor, Division of

Operating under the umbrella of the West Virginia Department of Commerce, the Division of Labor is a multi-faceted and diverse state agency that touches nearly every aspect of the lives of consumers and businesses in West Virginia. Many of the programs in the Labor Division operate in the background, and may be nearly invisible to the state citizens and businesses that benefit from the activities of the Division. To name just a few of these important programs, the Labor Division conducts elevator, boiler and amusement ride inspections, inspects manufactured homes, and provides state employers an OSHA health and safety program to eliminate job-site hazards. The Wage & Hour section ensures that WV workers receive all the wages and benefits that are due them.

Building 3, Room 200
1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East
Charleston, WV 25305
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Phone: (304) 558-7890
Toll Free: None
Fax: (304) 558-2415