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Faculty member discovers new writings by Walt Whitman


Dr. Stefan Schöberlein, an assistant professor in the Department of English and the director of digital humanities at Marshall University, along with a colleague from the University of Idaho, Dr. Zachary Turpin, are receiving acclaim in the literary world this month after their discovery of new texts penned by American poet Walt Whitman.

Their discovery was announced in the latest edition of the open access journal Walt Whitman Quarterly Review, available online now. Sitting at over 40,000 words, two newly unearthed sets of texts mark one of the most significant new discoveries about Whitman (1819-1892) in recent years. The discovery includes an unknown collection of letters to the editor, which Whitman wrote to the New Orleans Daily Crescent, a newspaper he helped establish during the brief time that he lived there. They were published under the penname “Manhattan.” Whitman grew up on Long Island and spent much of his life in and around New York.

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