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Hello, Dolly: A visitor finally gets to West Virginia's 'bit of Canada gone astray'


Late last October, I took my younger daughter and a couple of her friends, all active 20-somethings, to visit Canaan Valley in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia. Sara had hiked and camped in the adjacent Dolly Sods Wilderness as a teenager and had wanted to return ever since. It seemed like the perfect outdoorsy pandemic road trip, but as I raced around getting ready, I stubbed my toe so badly that I never made it to Dolly Sods; the kids went hiking without me.

Still, I was captivated by the area. Even getting there was a treat: West Virginia’s Route 48 (one of many projects for which the late Sen. Robert Byrd deserves credit) dips and climbs through forest-draped mountains; a platoon of white windmills marches along some of the ridges; and road cuts make visible hundreds of millions of years’ worth of geological history.

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