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2022 West Virginia maple syrup production numbers released


Production of maple syrup in West Virginia this year matched numbers reported last year, according to information released by the state Department of Agriculture.

Production totaled 13,000 gallons in 2022, unchanged from the previous year. The number of taps, 77,000, and yield per tap, 0.169 gallons, were unchanged as well.

On average, the maple syrup season opened on Feb. 6 and closed on March 12, with the average season length coming in at 34 days. The first date of recorded sap collection was Jan. 10 and the last day was April 20, according to the WVDA.
“Weather remains a key factor for how successful our maple seasons end up. If it is too warm, it can severely hinder the sap’s flow resulting in lower production levels,” Commissioner of Agriculture Kent Leonhardt said in a press release.

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