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3 things you can do to prioritize your exports now



So, you’ve decided to export. Perhaps you’ve been exporting for years, responding to inquiries from your website or establishing distribution channels around the world. Maybe you’re starting to enter global markets and still learning the process. When you have a business to run, how do you make time to focus your attention on exporting? Despite wishful thinking, you can’t make more time but what you can do is make better use of the time you do have now.
For some businesses, the arrival of summer may bring a slower pace when employees and customers take off for family vacations and fewer orders come in the door (paid vacation time is mandatory in the European Union and many people take off in August). But regardless of when your business experiences a slower pace, there is never a better time than now to look for ways to fill in knowledge gaps or shore up your export strategy. Taking that initiative can separate you from the competition.
Here are three things you can do right now to think globally and get ahead (or stay ahead).
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