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A First-Timer’s Guide to the Roller Coasters of Camden Park


One of the best things about being a roller coaster enthusiast is finding parks and roller coasters that are a bit off the beaten path. When driving home to North Carolina from Cincinnati this past weekend, I wanted to make it a point to visit West Virginia’s Camden Park, a 26-acre amusement park that has been operating in the Huntington area since 1903.  

It could be because I never saw myself driving through West Virginia again, or just wanted an excuse to break up the seven hour car ride, but I knew that the park featured four (yes, four — more on that in a little bit) roller coaster credits, and realized that I had to stop in during my drive. In just under an hour, I managed to park, enter the park, ride all four roller coasters, and get back on the road. Camden Park has the classics, for sure, but also a touch of modern coaster technology with Slingshot, an SBF-Visa Spinner that opened at the park in 2016. 

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