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A Taste of West Virginia with Bullock Distillery and the SBDC


Producing vodka, barrel-rested gin, bourbon, brandy, and West Virginia moonshine, Bullock Distillery puts its name on quality as well as taste. The small business sources its limestone water from Greenbrier County offering a unique product with Mountain State appeal.

“It’s cool, clean, has all the things distillers like, and it’s just a focus on bringing that taste of West Virginia to your glass,” Tighe Bullock, chief owner and operator, said. 

“They’re a great family,” Doug Spaulding, regional coordinator with the West Virginia Small Business Development Center (WVSBDC), said. “They are innovative, they think out of the box, and they have a vision for the community and it’s been a very good fit for us all.” 

Tighe, along with founder John Bullock, says the WVSBDC has been instrumental in helping the distillery chart through the unfamiliar territories of becoming who they are today. Because the distillery industry is still in its infancy in the state, finding the right people to help them was essential to their success. 

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