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A Worldly-ISH Gem: The Billy Motel in Davis draws all walks of life with a surprisingly diverse menu


Two things happen when you walk inside the swanky lounge of the surprisingly eclectic and impossibly cool retro jewel ISH Kitchen at The Billy Motel in Davis: First, your jaw drops. How did such a “worldly” place find its way to this tiny town in Canaan Valley? Next, you try to put your finger on what makes it so, well, cool—and you just can’t.

Funky furniture and chic decor fill the dimly lit lounge, which features just a few bar seats, a couple of tables with couches and chairs, and a throwback fireplace that adds to the ambiance. The look is a little bit roadside retro with notes of old-school ski lodge and other seemingly random touches that all come together in a vibe that’s been described—as their T-shirts proclaim—as “Hillbilly Fabulous.” 

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