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A mid-pandemic career change that paid off


Dan Burns spent much of his adult life in the hospitality field. But when the industry took a sharp downturn during the COVID-19 Pandemic, he needed a change. He turned to CentralApp. In just a few months, Dan became a Salesforce Certified Administrator and landed his first tech gig — changing industries and careers.  

“I knew it was time to start looking for work in other industries. Like so many hospitality professionals before me, I began assessing myself for “transferrable skills.” I also started reaching out to contacts for advice and referrals,” Burns said.  

One of his contacts introduced him to CentralApp’s CEO, Todd Cope.  

Dan had used Salesforce before in previous jobs. But, at the beginning, he didn’t know much about managing the system. Through CentralApp, he was able to get into a Salesforce Admin bootcamp that taught him the skills he needed.  

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