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A3L Federal Works celebrates 7th year of operation, plans to double employee base this summer


FAIRMONT — Fairmont-based IT company A3L Federal Works just celebrated its seven-year anniversary earlier this year, and company founder Roya Maher said she has big plans for her small business in the future.

Maher’s company offers technical support to its customers, “98%” of which, she said, were federal contractors or agencies. These include the United States Department of Defense’s Automated Biometrics Identification System and the Defense Logistics Agency.

Maher said that A3L Federal Works is involved in software development and testing, biometrics, cybersecurity, procurement analysis, data analytics and more, all of which are used, she said, to protect national security.

“The most important thing is supporting meaningful contracts for our national security,” Maher said. “We have NOAA cybersecurity and we have DoD ABIS. They’re all for protecting our citizens and protecting our warfighters. We are supporting a meaningful cause, and I’m honored to be providing jobs for our local community and revive the IT jobs here and retain our smart graduating engineers so they can have good, high-paying jobs and not leave West Virginia.”

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