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Almost Heaven trout fishing in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia


​​Things are just a little different than they were in 1966. The average house cost just over 14,000 dollars back then and gas was 32 cents a gallon. A singer named Bob Dylan got hurt in a motorcycle wreck, Star Trek premiered on TV and two young couple’s near Point Pleasant, and West Virginia reportedly saw a moth like creature known as the Mothman.

Some West Virginia fishermen remember these things, most do not. Fishermen that were around in 1966 remember that year for one thing, opening day for trout season ended. Trout fishing became a year round endeavor. For those that never experienced an opening day of trout season, well, you kind of had to see it to believe it. Think New Year’s Eve, Mardi Gras, with the World’s Fair and a rodeo thrown in.

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