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Alpha Technologies aims to create one-stop shop for IT work in West Virginia


SOUTH CHARLESTON — In 20 years, South Charleston-based Alpha Technologies has grown from being a part-time operation to having a presence in more than 20 countries, and its leaders are hoping to make the company a one-stop shop for all its clients’ IT needs. 

Alpha Technologies started as founder Doug Tate’s part-time side business in 2001, although he expanded the company to a full-time operation a couple of years later. Tate said the business was started in part due to his realization that IT companies would soon have to offer services outside one specific area, and he set out to be the change that needed to be made. 

“You can’t just do the PC side,” Tate said. “You can’t just do a circuit side. You have to know all aspects of that because of the reliance of technology in today’s environment. You have to know that by the time you hit ‘enter’ on your keyboard, a quality IT company is going to be able to say, ‘Well, your computer is doing this to that data.’ or, ‘The connection to your building or to your servers is doing this.’ Everything from programming to designing to implementing to troubleshooting to customizing is what we do.” 

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