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Alternative Lodgings, 'Glamping,' Enhance W.Va. Tourism Destinations


Many vacationers seek out suitable lodgings near whatever indoor or outdoor experience they are venturing to see. But that trip can become richer when the shelter becomes part of the experience.

Alternative lodging and glamping can turn a weekend stay into a little adventure. Randy Yohe and his wife Vickie said if you haven’t stayed in a treehouse, wigwam, or caboose - consider expanding your horizons.

Between shoveling coal into the locomotive firebox, or checking the water level to produce enough pressure for the engine to produce steam, Cass Railroad fireman Justin Gay said he enjoys his job, most of the time.

“You get to meet people from all around the world,” Gay said. ”You got people from different countries and neighboring states, then you got to deal with difficult coal that doesn't burn too hot.”

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