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American Heart Association launches “Heart Healthy Hunting” campaign


Your American Heart Association is excited for a new initiative for hunters across the West Virginia. During the month of November, the Association will launch its “Heart Healthy Hunting” campaign, bringing life-saving messaging to hunters in order to help prevent cardiac and stroke-related deaths.

“Each year many hunters encounter a heart attack or stroke while hunting and, for many, they are fatal,” said Julie Warden, Government Relations Director for the American Heart Association. “Through this campaign we look forward to sharing simple messaging to help reduce those numbers and bring our hunters home safely.”

The campaign will include social media messaging based on educating hunters on the signs/symptoms of heart attacks and strokes as well as the importance of having a daily plan for when and where a hunter will be and when they plan to return home. There will also be heart-healthy snack recipes and video testimonials from hunters who suffered heart attacks or strokes as well as from families who lost hunters to these diseases, which remain the #1 and #5 killers of Americans.

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