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Announcing the Formation of the Battery Materials & Technology Coalition


The founding member companies of the Battery Materials & Technology Coalition (BMTC), which include Amsted Graphite Materials, Forge Nano, Nouveau Monde Graphite, Piedmont Lithium, Sila Nanotechnologies, and Standard Lithium, are excited to announce the creation of their partnership, which unites United States and Canadian companies in material extraction, processing, manufacturing, and technology development to ensure that a battery supply chain becomes viable within North America.  

Companies and governments alike need resilient and secure supply chains that create jobs, improve diplomacy with allied nations, and meet climate and energy goals here in North America. To date, there have been no groups solely focused on building capabilities for the upstream and midstream battery supply chain in North America. BMTC is bringing companies together that can do just that. 

“We’re proud to be participating in the BMTC and excited to be part of something so important to our nation’s ongoing competitiveness. With the global shift towards electrification, we are hopeful that the US will act quickly to maintain competitiveness and not get left behind.” Paul Lichty PhD, CEO Forge Nano. 

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