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Appalachian cuisine feeds a monstrous hunger in West Virginia board game


It all started with Moth Man and a Tudor’s Biscuit World biscuit for local board game developer Lonely Hero Games’ second project.

Lonely Hero Games is the brainchild of West Virginia natives Christopher Kincaid and Jared Kaplan, and so far, has produced two successful board games — Bank Heist and Hungry for Humans, the second of which has been especially popular among West Virginians due to its uniquely Appalachian references to regional foods and folklore.

“In Hungry for Humans, you have a monster friend who really, really wants to eat you,” begins the board game’s narrative. Each player’s monster can be satiated with the delightful food of our region. “Luckily, you’ve discovered the scenic hills of West Virginia — the one place in the world where the food is delicious enough, the people are friendly enough, and the landscape is majestic enough to take the edge off any monster’s human hunger.”

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