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Arts Amplified


​​Right now, a creative renaissance is taking place in Charleston—and it’s not by chance.  

West Virginia is full of creative folks, so it seems only natural that the state’s capital city would be home to lots of exceptional art. For the Mountain State to reach its full potential though, artists must have access to robust resources and support, as well as avenues to connect with others who believe equally in art’s value. 

That’s where Arts Amplified comes in. 
Our mission goes deeper than helping make cool stuff. When artists and businesses (and their audiences!) band together, the entire community benefits: public spaces—once overlooked—come back to life, local shops and restaurants experience a major boost, and diverse groups of people and ideas begin to inspire and build off of each other. 

If you or your organization has something fun up your sleeve that the Charleston community should know about, get in touch with us to add your event to our calendar.

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