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Ascend WV a top remote workforce program in America


Working remotely means you aren’t necessarily tied to an office or one specific location. If you’ve ever had a hankering to live somewhere new, a remote worker incentive program may make for the perfect opportunity to live in a new city. Remote workforce programs and initiatives can be found across the country. So whether you’ve had a dream of moving out west, living down south by the beach or exploring mountain ranges, there’s sure to be a program for you.

Created by Brad D. Smith and his wife Alys Smith, Ascend WV offers remote workers the opportunity to build a life in the picturesque surroundings of West Virginia. The program gives participants $12,000 ($10,000 during their first year and $2,000 for the second) just for moving to the Mountain State as well as one year of free outdoor recreational activities. Ascend WV also offers coworking opportunities to give you a fresh workspace and a chance to collaborate with other entrepreneurs. With all these perks, it’s no wonder John Denver referred to West Virginia as “almost heaven.”

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