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Best Driving Vacations: Exploring West Virginia’s New River Gorge


The country’s newest national park is an ideal and accessible getaway for Columbus outdoor adventurers. Encompassing more than 70,000 acres in southern West Virginia, New River Gorge National Park and Preserve, elevated to national park status in December 2020, features rolling mountains, steep valleys and abundant natural scenery. The rugged landscape found here and in the surrounding area lends itself to hiking, zip lining, caving, falconry, rock climbing, world-class white-water rafting and more. A road trip through this area is sure to result in unforgettable adventures to feed your inner daredevil. 
Start with a drive to Lansing, just under four hours from Columbus. Be sure to take in the scenery along the way and absorb the dramatic views from lookouts like Long Point and Diamond Point. 
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