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Bison: The new healthy red meat raised nearby


The industry of bison farming is growing in West Virginia.

There are about a half-dozen operations in the Mountain State and one of those is owned by Liz and Jimmie Riffle in Terra Alta-Riffle Farms.

Liz and Jimmie started the operation in 2017 and have about 40 bison today.
“It is a super-lean red meat, it actually has less fat in it than chicken,” Riffle said during an appearance earlier this week on MetroNews “Talkline.” “So, it’s all heart healthy, one of the only red meats on a cardiac diet and it’s good to eat.”

The Riffles both served in the US Navy and are nurses by trade. They spent a lot time in the western part of the country. There, the Riffles learned bison was abundant, healthy and tasty. Liz has been an animal lover with experience training horses and started considering bison as a business opportunity rather than just a meal.

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