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Black Bear Burritos' Fresh New Look



One thing that really struck me about the Covid-19 pandemic is just how universal its effect was. Bad or good, it changed something for virtually everyone. Here in Morgantown we lost an institution when Black Bear Burritos closed its original downtown location last winter. My friends and I watched our kids grow up in that place. For years, it was the only spot in town that offered tasty, healthy food, live music that drowned out the kids’ noise, AND delicious craft beer (which made us care a little less when our kids ran around like banshees, hid under benches, and shook the candy dispenser repeatedly while we ate our dinner). 

Lucky for us, Black Bear’s second location lives on across town. And while the closing of the original saddened many, many people, it also opened the door for something new. The owners decided to turn the extended closure caused by Covid into an opportunity for a refresh. 

Visit Cacti and Mountains to view photos of the new look: