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Brian Joseph “Fails Fast” into Bringing Business, Innovation to West Virginia


Creating real, innovative, and state-of-the-art materials while also taking advantage of West Virginia’s best and brightest is just one thing on Brian Joseph’s list of things to do. Joseph, President and CEO of Touchstone Research Laboratories, likes to “fail fast” as he invents new materials, then creates businesses to support those inventions. Joseph is an innovator and entrepreneur who maximizes efficiency in product and business by putting the right people in the right place at the right time. He even credits the way Thomas Edison handled his inventions and tries to follow a similar style. Joseph takes those with the most education and teams them up with those who have the ability to turn his team’s thoughts and ideas into usable products. 

“All innovation comes from, “I have an idea, and then I make something, and then I test that.” And then it gives me another idea. Most of the time is not spent on trying to solve the problem, most of the time is spent on running the experiments, building the things to know if it works. So, the trick is to do that fast. You do that fast you’re going to beat everybody and that’s what this area has. This area has people that can make anything really quick.”

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