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Celebrate Appalachian History and Wildlife with Heritage Farm


Looking for an Appalachian backyard adventure? Look no further. For over 25 years, Heritage Farms has been the place to celebrate Appalachian history and wildlife. Now you can celebrate, explore, and learn from 60 feet in the air.

“The best way to learn about wildlife is by visiting, exploring, and being in nature,” says Heritage Farm’s Wildlife Director, Rebekah Perry Franks. And what better way to visit and explore nature than being eye level with animals that are typically in trees? Explorers will be eye-level with squirrels, birds, insects, and other fascinating animals that you would typically miss if you were wandering around on the ground. The Treehouse Trek takes adventurers to new heights by way of a 750- foot series of bridges that sends you 60 feet high into the forest canopy. 

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