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Climbing a Via Ferrata in West Virginia: Crazy Fun or Just Plain Crazy?


I'll admit it: I found myself stifling a laugh as I watched back some GoPro video my husband Elliot had filmed while climbing a via ferrata route in West Virginia. As he reached the top of a cliff face and looked around the corner to see cables and foot holds suspended over a completely sheer drop, he said, very matter-of-factly: “Oh well that's terrifying.”
A “healthy fear of heights,” as NROCKS officially calls it on their website, is perfectly normal when you're climbing cliff faces and dangling off rock walls like you do on a via ferrata. Elliot definitely has that healthy fear.
Me, though? Heights don't really bother me. Which is probably why when I saw video of this particular activity, my first and only thought was, “That. Looks. AWESOME.”

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