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Couple to open storefront after 10 years growing poster business online


CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Stacks of art prints, computers and boxes cover Jeanne Stevenson and Chris Rice’s home, where they’ve been running their poster company, Echo-Lit LLC, for the last 10 years. 

The home on Fort Hill is equipped with two large-format printers and an industrial laminator. This is to accommodate the 200-plus daily orders the internet-based company gets during its busy season. 

Stevenson and Rice have sold prints all across the world and many have appeared on the big screen, most recently the new “Spider-Man” movie. They’ve appeared in shows like in “The Fosters,” “Pretty Little Liars” and “Weeds.” 

More than 90 percent of orders come in from out of state, and their sales are growing, Stevenson said. Now they need more space and are ready to open a retail location near Elk City, on Charleston’s West Side. 

“The space we have is controlling our business and defining what we do,” Rice said. “It needs to be the other way around.” 

It’s not just a matter of space for the couple. They’re also hoping a storefront will help them have more of a local presence. 

“We want to change our ratio of local sales, local design and local projects,” Stevenson said. 

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