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Digital marketing proving key for blenko glass company’s long-term success


Companies are investing more in digital marketing than ever before.  According to recent estimates from eMarketer, digital advertising surpassed traditional media advertising such as television, radio and newspaper, in the United States for the first time in 2019, with $129.34 billion in spend compared to $109.48 billion.  That gap only continues to grow as the world increasingly becomes more digital.  The average person spends nearly 7 hours online each day, through a combination of desk top, mobile usage, and music, television and film streaming services.  As more people switch their media intake away from print media and scheduled programming platforms, digital marketing is becoming the most important medium for connecting with customers.  Blenko Glass Company of Milton, WV has invested heavily in this model in recent years and the return on investment has been incredible.    

Most people’s conception of digital marketing probably doesn’t stretch much further than the ads we see on Facebook and Google inexplicably knowing what purchases we need to make even before we do.  However, for businesses, there are dozens of analytical tools and advertising platforms to consider when preparing a digital marketing campaign, and, when put into practice, the process can quickly become a dizzying array of conversion rates, organic vs inorganic leads, and search engine optimization metrics.  There is an art to the process however, and the good news for businesses is that digital marketing pays for itself multiple times over when done effectively.  The recent marketing successes of Blenko Glass Company is a testament to this. 

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