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Experience a memorable stay at these unique dwellings at West Virginia State Parks


Sometimes a getaway calls for extra special accommodations. From yurts to backcountry cabins, West Virginia state parks and forests offer a range of unique dwellings that will become just as much a part of your memories as the area’s natural beauty and vast array of recreational offerings.

Before it became part of the state park system, the charming mountain community of Cass was a company town for a paper mill. Logs cut from nearby Cheat Mountain were brought to Cass by rail, where they were processed for use by paper and hardwood flooring companies. Cass’s skilled laborers, who worked in the mill or the locomotive repair shop, lived with their families in cozy little row houses that lined the street.

Today those white frame Company Houses have been restored as guest houses for visitors to Cass Scenic Railroad State Park. Visitors can ride an antique steam locomotive to the top of the mountain and back, stroll the quiet streets of Cass, fish in the Greenbrier River, or just sit on the porch and soak in the slower-paced mountain life. 

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