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Exporting Basics: Does my product require an export license?


Being an exporter has its benefits, but you also have a lot of responsibilities. There’s export controls and regulations you need to be aware of and logistics and paperwork to figure out before you can load a box into your customer’s shipping container. If you’re new to exporting or want to make sure you’re doing things correctly, the West Virginia Development Office is here to help. Our trade representatives and partners can help guide you and your team through the export compliance process. Here are some of basics you need to know about export licenses.  

Why are exports regulated?  

The regulation of exports is an important part of protecting the national security, foreign policy and economic interests of the United States. While export laws can be overwhelming to a new exporter, they are not put in place to impose regulatory burdens on you or any business conducting legitimate international trade. To put it simply, an export license is the U.S. government’s way of permitting and tracing the export of controlled technologies.  

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