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FCX Systems in Morgantown, West Virginia, supplies ground power units to 80 countries, 7 continents


When FCX Systems Senior Vice President Matt Howell co-founded his company with four others in a kitchen in 1987, he never thought that 34 years later his products would be used on seven continents. 

But thanks to the company’s work in frequency converters and ground power units, commercial and military customers — including the U.S. military and those of allied nations — now use FCX Systems products in 80 countries. 

“We felt like we knew how to build the best frequency converter in the world, but I don’t think we had any idea how many countries they would end up in at that time,” Howell said. “It’s kind of neat to see that it’s expanded globally as much as it has.” 

The company, which celebrated its 34th anniversary this month, is now led by President and CEO Craig Walker, who explained that FCX Systems’ ground power units play an important role in hangars at airports around the world. 

“In the military market, which is about 90% of our business, if a fighter jet pulls into a hangar, they’re going to hook up to our equipment while they’re in the hangar for maintenance.

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