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Greenbrier County: From Devastation to Revitalization


In June 2016, Greenbrier County was devastated by a flood that destroyed lives and debilitated towns. Following the tragedy, the county united and began to rebuild its community, which caused a resurgence that has been growing exponentially since. Greenbrier County is rich in spirit and grit, and its citizens have worked tirelessly to build back all that was lost and more.

“The town was struggling like a lot of small West Virginia towns, and when the flood hit, it really took us down to our knees,” says Clay Elkins, a founding partner of Big Draft Brewing, a bar and grill located in White Sulfur Springs. “Sometimes that’s what needs to happen to get the energy back up. That is when we got together and said, ‘Let’s get behind our community.’ This could not have been done without a lot of generous people and hard work.”

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