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Hoppy Kerchev-ALE blends Appalachian pilsner with tropical hops



It began as a suggestion from a listener of the 3 Guys Before The Game podcast. 

He wanted to know why someone had not created a beer called Hoppy Kerchev-ALE, named in honor of the legendary Metronews Talkline host and broadcast hall-of-fame member Hoppy Kercheval. 

Great suggestion! The mission is now complete. 

Morgantown based Chestnut Brew Works has created an Appalachian Pilsner with a blend of classic and contemporary styles.  Brewmeister Bill Rittenour said Kerchev-ALE has an American pilsner style malt base, and a touch of flaked corn which is then generously dry-hopped with Mosaic and Citra hops.  

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