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In the Chef’s Corner: Christopher’s Eats


Located in Huntington, WV, Christopher’s Eats is an upscale American restaurant fueled by its community. Christopher’s serves fresh, homemade cuisine with a mission of bringing people together. A relaxed and eclectic atmosphere creates a beautiful yet approachable space that lets customers lose themselves in their culinary experience. The restaurant was opened to the public in January 2013 and has since gained a loyal following. The unique culture offers something different, not only in its food but also in its environment of quality and fun.

Eight and a half years ago, Christopher Dixon received a call from his cousins and business partners, David and Jeremy Adams, who asked if he wanted to open a restaurant in Huntington. Dixon was working in Baton Rouge, LA, at the time and, after some serious thought, felt compelled to follow his dream of being a chef at his own restaurant.

“I’ve wanted to be a chef and restaurant owner since middle school, so I had some ideas in my back pocket already,” Dixon says.

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