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It's February! Potholes are forming! How is WVDOH fighting back?


Although April is the cruelest month, February is worse for potholes. This year, West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) has added a weapon in its fight against the freeze and thaw cycles that destroy the roads we share. 

Potholes form when water gets into tiny cracks in the road, freezes, and rethaws. This makes tiny cracks into big cracks, and big cracks into potholes. By February, this constant cycle of freezing and thawing has taken its toll on the Mountain State’s roads.

Asphalt plants typically shut down in November and don’t reopen until March or April. During the winter it’s  often too cold for asphalt to stick even if plants were open, but winter is when potholes form most frequently.

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