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Itmann Coal Company store owner pushing to find the right buyer


There’s a new push to sell the Itmann coal company store building in Wyoming County. The almost 100-year-old building has a rich history as a former store and business office owned by Issac T. Mann.

Today, it comes with some memories and a lot of expensive repairs. Current owner and former state Sen. Billy Wayne Bailey is hoping real estate agent and historian David Sibray can find the right buyer.

Foxfire Realty and the Wyoming County Historical Society hosted an open house earlier this month.

“Again and again, what occurred to me is just how important this building is to all of that community, not certainly just in the town, but all of the county as well,” Sibray said. “Everyone has some relationship to that building. It turned out that I had a relationship with that building … kids who sat there and ate candy in the breezeway, people who went to get their checks, people who bought all their furniture, people who bought all their food.”

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