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Learn & earn program connecting local businesses with community and technical college talent


Workforce skills training continues to be one of the top priorities and resource requests asked for by business and industry throughout the region.  Huntington Area Development Council makes it part of our mission to help companies meet these demands.  As our office meets with companies in the area, we consistently promote a number of programs available to assist West Virginia businesses with training.  One program in particular, the state’s Learn and Earn Program, is maybe one that you haven’t heard of, but which is providing significant financial benefits to businesses while helping connect skilled West Virginian workers with quality employment opportunities.  

A number of front-line programs are available to help businesses bear the costs associated with increased training demands.  The most prolific program available is the Governor’s Guaranteed Workforce program which provides direct reimbursement to companies for costs associated with training.  Companies can apply on a rolling basis for annual allocations of training funding.  Up to $2,000 per trained employee are available annually for West Virginia businesses for qualified training expenses.  These funds are limited though and are only applicable to certain industry sectors such as manufacturing and professional services. 

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