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Local microbrewery expanding - Sophisticated Hound ready to can, send product to stores


PRINCETON — A local microbrewery and tap room is poised to expand its business by putting its brews into cans and getting those cans on the shelves of local stores. 

Sophisticated Hound Brewing Company, located in the Grassroots District of Mercer Street, has canned its products in the past, but the process was slow and time consuming. New equipment will make the process much more efficient, more productive and less complicated, Manager Shane Goodman said. 

“We had this small machine,” he said. “We were basically doing (cans) one at a time: filling, putting the top on by hand and labeling. It was very labor intensive.” 

Improved equipment will help production, Goodman said. 

“This new machine, as far as the sealing process goes, can do two cans at a time. And as far as the filling side, it’s fully automatic and it seals the can itself,” he explained.  

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