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Looking for a West Virginia road trip? Check out the Coonskin Grotto


Looking for a beautiful spot to enjoy a bite to eat on your lunch break, or just looking to get into the woods to take in the scenic air? Look no further than the Coonskin Grotto! 

The Coonskin Grotto is a beautiful nature spot in Kanawha County, with a waterfall that you can enjoy within just a 12-minute drive and a 12-minute walk from the Capitol City. 

From above, the Coonskin Grotto looks like a hole in the Earth! It’s a great place to relax on a hot afternoon. When it’s 90 degrees outside, it’ll be in the 70s at the Grotto! 

The waterfall is known by the locals as “The Grotto.” A grotto by definition is another term for a large cave. The area that makes up The Grotto is a crevice that Coonskin Falls drops and collects into. There is plenty of room for shelter thanks to large rocks overhead – I’ve actually taken shelter on several different occasions from thunderstorms booming overhead. 

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