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Luna enforces the law, one sniff at a time


Luna follows her nose and West Virginia Natural Resources Police Officer Matthew Stover follows Luna.

The canine’s olfactory GPS may lead the pair to some ill-gotten trout or a deer that has been poached. Perhaps at the end of the trail will be a person who became lost on a remote mountainside or injured in a difficult creek bottom.

Luna and Stover are one of six Division of Natural Resources dog-and-handler teams recently created across the Mountain State. There is one team in each of the Wildlife Section’s geographical districts. Luna is stationed with Stover in Pendleton County and is the detection dog for District II, meaning she is available to track a trespasser in Grant County or a missing hiker in Morgan County. Add Mineral, Hampshire, Hardy, Berkeley and Jefferson counties to the mix and you can see that the wire-haired pointer has a lot of West Virginia upon which to make her own tracks and sniff the tracks of others.

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