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Made an export violation? A voluntary disclosure can save you



Navigating the ins and outs of federal rules and regulations for exporting can be a difficult task, which is why we here at the West Virginia Department of Economic Development want to help by sharing valuable resources, such as this webinar presented by the National Association of District Export Councils. Watch the webinar to learn more about how to handle export compliance violations, or keep reading for some of our key takeaways from the presentation.
Making a mistake as an exporter, such as using the wrong harmonized tariff code, is similar to speeding and getting a traffic ticket. It happens often, you may not realize you did it and sometimes results in a small fine. But what if you make a serious exporting error, such as selling to the wrong individual? You may be tempted to write it off as a part of doing business and hope it’s never discovered, but filing a voluntary disclosure can save you time and money. Not sure what a voluntary disclosure is or if you should file one? Here’s everything you need to know.
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