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Main Street USA: New Life in Saint Albans


Like many across America, West Virginia’s small towns have struggled in recent years. Main streets have often been filled with empty storefronts, peeling paint and only a sprinkling of shoppers. City administrators and chambers of commerce work hard to promote and support new business in towns across our state, yet main streets have seemingly stalled. Just what will turn things around? Saint Albans now knows. It is our youth.

In the last five years, Saint Albans, WV, has seen an amazing rebirth of new businesses. Main Street is filling back up, each storefront is creating its own color and character and business is beginning to boom. What do these new businesses have in common? The owners are young risk-takers who saw opportunity in those empty buildings. When they looked in the empty storefront windows, they saw the future. They are a unique breed; they dream big and work hard. They are inspired and driven to make a difference in their community by giving back life to the proverbial main street of their town.

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