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Meet the Makers: Swilled Dog co-founder Brooke Glover


Brooke Glover is the President and Co-Founder of Swilled Dog Hard Cider & Spirits in West Virginia. She runs the day-to-day operations making cider and spirits, and if there’s one thing she loves more it’s her rescue dog, Lucy Pickles. 

BW: How does your West Virginia bourbon differ from other bourbons? 

BG: All of our Swilled Dog cider and spirits were created to celebrate the best of West Virginia. Great bourbon starts with great ingredients. We feel that the corn grown right here in Upper Tract, WV, home to our production facility, is a solid foundation for great bourbon. Starting with the upcoming 2021 harvest, we are doubling down on hyper-local and will be sourcing all of our corn from the fields that surround our distillery which have a long history of quality family farming. This will provide a unique sense of time and place for our bourbons and whiskeys that we are thrilled to showcase and explore. Additionally, we use locally sourced American white oak barrels from our home cooperage, West Virginia Great Barrel Company, which sources American white oak within a 200-mile radius. A lot of production in West Virginia has centered around clear spirits, moonshine, and/or flavored spirits. However, there are great bourbons and whiskeys made right here in West Virginia by a small number of distillers, and we want to help elevate the category by helping to shine a spotlight on the state, our region, our ingredients, and our take on bourbon. 

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