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Minimum viable testing and how you can use it in your startup


The venerable MVP, or Minimally Viable Product, has long been the measure for which most startups begin their market/A-B testing.  It’s taught in nearly every prototyping seminar, early entrepreneurship education programs, and in most colleges of business.  It’s tried and it’s true—but is it the best we can do?
It espouses a simple principle: build a version of your product or service that performs on the basic functional level that you can use to test whether your product or service is desirable in the market.
To build an MVP you may require experts in various areas, capital injections, costly design and manufacturing or coding to reach a version of your product that is considered “good enough to test, but not mass-market ready”. This approach, whilst getting you closer to your end goal, often misses a key point that Minimum Viable Testing may help solve before you even invest in a prototype of your concept: The Core Solution
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