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Monticello an ongoing revitalization effort


In just a few years, the people of the Monticello neighborhood in Clarksburg, WV have dreamed, planned, and carried out a vision for a revitalized community center, the Kelly Miller Community Center. A community garden is at the heart of their work, and it serves as a place to teach, connect, and build ties with their neighbors. A Blessings Box located in the garden is always stocked with supplies to help neighbors in need. In their facility, a computer center, fitness center, auditorium, and many dedicated rooms house activities like karate classes, yoga, a book club, chess club, and special events. Community clean-ups are regularly organized to help maintain the beauty of the surrounding area.

The residents of Monticello show us that, no matter the size of a community, heart, collaboration, and perseverance can create a beacon of hope for residents.

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