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Morgantown native collects dozens of rare Oliver typewriters


Jett Morton is pretty good at installing new shelves for his growing collection.
Between the “Typewriter Room” in his parents' basement and the four large metal shelving units in the living room of his Morgantown home, his collection of antique typewriters take up a lot of space.

“I was at over 300 machines,” Morton said. “I had lost counts between 300 and 350.”

Driven by nostalgia, typewriters have gained a surge of popularity in recent years. Before typewriters were cool (again), there was an existing worldwide community of people like Morton who collect, repair and use typewriters.

For him, this hobby started at the age of seven when his parents would take him to yard sales and flea markets.

Morton already had an interest in regular computers. At a yard sale, he saw something that looked like a computer: a typewriter.

“I didn't know where the monitor was,” Morton said. “I didn't know what it was. So my dad showed me. He got it for me. I typed on it, thought it was neat.”

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