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Multimillion-dollar upgrades at Bowden Hatchery near completion


One of the state’s most productive trout hatcheries will soon be even more productive. A multi-Million dollar makeover for the Bowden Fish Hatchery in Randolph County is due to be complete by this summer. Once fully operational, the new facility will be state of the art and include amenities which will maximize fish production for stocking public waters in the Mountain State.

The facility was built in the early 1960’s and was operated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service until 1997. The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources took over management that year. The facility has had no real upgrades since it was first constructed.

Jim Hedrick heads up operations for the state’s hatchery systems and said the first change to the system will be to eliminate water from the Shavers Fork River into the hatchery and instead two major mountain springs nearby will provide the water for the operation. The water from those two springs will be maximized with a modern recirculation system.

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