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Museum Brings Visitors Off Trails And Into W.Va. Coalfield Town


On a warm September morning, ATV riders roll into Matewan, fresh off the Hatfield McCoy Trails. The dirt paths in the backwoods of Southern West Virginia brought Ryan Logue all the way from Kansas City, Missouri.

“The fact that you can just ride your ATVs just right up to the front door here,” Logue said, “and nobody cares if you're muddy, they just say come on in. And the trails, you really have to see for yourself.”

The Mine Wars was a time of tension and bloodshed in American history when coal miners demanded better working conditions and fair wages. Logue heard about the Mine Wars Museum on YouTube.

The Mine Wars Museum opened in 2015 in the heart of coal county in Matewan. Last year, the museum moved to a more spacious location just across the street. The United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) purchased the building for the museum.

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