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Nature's call: Whitewater rafting is an adventure for all people across West Virginia


Those who spend their day-to-day lives appreciating its wonder and talking to people who take on its adventure say whitewater rafting is an activity that can be shifted and shaped to meet just about anyone’s capabilities and desires. 

“We certainly have the handful of people who show up and are surprised that they’re going to get wet,” said Wendy Hart, with a laugh, “which I’m not quite sure how you get far as along as getting here without realizing you’re going to get wet.” 

OK, well, it may not be quite that adaptable. 

But rest assured, for the most part, enthusiasts say, whitewater rafting in West Virginia is one of the state’s great wild and wonderful experiences, an outdoor adventure of rolling rapids and scenic sights that has something for just about everyone. 

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